Leaded glass windows

Stained glass can be any colour from clear to black and comes in a range of textures, making it a sensational way to camouflage an unsightly view and a method to create privacy without blocking out light. Using the brilliance of bevels that split direct sunlight into rainbows a sense of style and elegance is added. We also incorporate as much mouthblown glass as possible to add an indifinable sense of quality and luxury clients wish to have a light contemporary feel to their homes. To accomplish this we use clear or lightly tinted glass, relying on good design and textured glass to accomplish elegant luxury including bevels. For added personalisation glass painting and silver stain can be used to create.

Places of worship

Stained glass has adorned places of worship for almost a millenium. Often it depicts a theme, other times it sets the tone and atmosphere of a building with the use of colours



Stained glass contributes to the atmosphere and controls the lightening according to your needs. Rich colours create an intimate atmosphere while light and bright colours add texture and interest to a room from elegant to dramatic.  Logos and designs can be incorporated into the stained glass work

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